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Credit Karma’s CEO Built a Sexy Brand in an Unsexy Category with No PR Firm and a Tiny Budget — Here’s How

Building a ‘sexy’ brand is something most of the founders want for their company. A lot of folks start by looking at companies they admire and use that as a starting point for their own branding process.

This article digs into what branding means for a startup and how a founder should think about branding. You’ll get actionable steps you can take to kickstart your branding process. A must-read for founders of a young company as well as for branding experts to brush up on their frameworks.

Full article here.

This Startup Cracked a $2.4 Billion Market with Branding — Here’s Their Formula

When your goal is to sell an experience, story has to be central to your strategy.

This is a great piece about how branding and storytelling can be the key to a massively successful strategy. Harry’s – a web based startup selling men’s shaving products has carved out a name for itself – in a market heavily dominated by a couple of big names.

Published on the FirstRound Review, this article is gem of a piece for any founder and marketing/branding professionals working with consumer facing companies.

Full article here.