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Reverse Engineering Growth

This is a nice post to centre you should you get lost in the holy pursuit of growth. Andrew Dumont – famous for his roles as CMO at Bitly and running growth at Moz – puts forth a simple framework to visualise and approach growth.

Complete with a functional example – this article is a good read for anyone working as a growth practitioner and for experts to get back to basics should they need.

Read full article here.

How to build a growth team – lessons from Uber, Hubspot, and others (50 slides)

It’s a great read for anyone looking to get a deeper insight on how growth teams are (or should be) built, their alignment with the rest of the team and how do you apply these lessons.

The concept of a ‘growth team’ is still in a very nascent stage, not a lot has been written on the specifics. This article in an insider view on how the top companies around the world leverage growth.

Written by Andrew Chen (partner at Andreessen Horowitz, led Rider Growth at Uber), this is a great read for all the founders and top-level marketing executives trying to build for the new age.

Full article here.

How To Launch A Product or Feature To Maximize Growth

A counter intuitive approach to product (or feature) launch. Instead of going wide and trying to acquire everybody, Brian Balfour suggests scoping users that you want to acquire, narrowing it down as closely as possible and only then beginning the acquisition process.

This is an invaluable piece to be read for every founder, early stage growth practitioner and anyone interested in growth/marketing.

Full article here.