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Better Marketing with Better Design

Using design as a competitive advantage.

This is a great article emphasising about how good design can exponentially improve your marketing. Taking examples from design-led companies like AirBnB and Xero, the article gives a pretty well-rounded view of what really constitutes good design from a marketing perspective.

Published on CampaignMonitor, this guide serves well for anyone starting out with marketing or for a young company looking to leverage good design to bolster their marketing efforts.

Full article here.

The Quest for Simplicity

This great piece of content written by Eugen Esanu talks about simplicity in design and how, sometimes, a matter of simplicity (or complexity) has more to do with the perception of the user than actual complexity.

The examples used in the article really hit the point home. It’s a great read for anyone working on designing products, product mangers, UI/UX folks and even marketers.

Full article here.